RI-16-28 - Authorization for Direct Payments

RI-20-7 - Representative Payee Application

RI-20-64 - Letter Reply to Request for Information

RI-20-64A - Former Spouse Survivor Annuity Election

RI-20-07 - Estimated Earnings During Military Service

RI-20-120 - Request for Change to Unreduced Annuity

RI-20-122 - Certification for Physicians Comparability Allowances (PCA)

RI-25-14 - Self-Certification of Full-Time School Attendance for the School Year

RI-25-15 - Notice of Change in Student’s Status

RI-25-41 - Initial Certification of Full-Time School Attendance

RI-25-49 - Verification of Full-Time School Attendance

RI-30-01 - Request for Information

RI-30-10 - Disabled Dependent Questionnaire

RI-38-31 - We Need More Information About Your Missing Payment

RI-38-45 - We Need the Social Security Number of the Person Named Below

RI-38-107 - Urgent - Reply Required Within 30 Days to Avoid Interruption of Your Payment

RI-38-122 - Alternative Annuity and Rollover Election

RI-38-124 - Voluntary Contributions Election

RI-38-128 - It’s Time to Sign-up for Direct Deposit

RI-38-133 - Certification for Title 38 Physicians and Dentists

RI-76-10 - Assignment of Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance

RI-79-9 - Health Benefits Cancellation/Suspension Confirmation

RI-92-19 - Application for Deferred or Postponed Retirement - FERS

RI-92-22 - Annuity Supplement Earnings Report

RI-20-59 - Information for Annuitants - CSRS

RI-25-7 - Marital Status Survey

RI-25-14A - Information and Instructions for Completing the Self-Certification of Full-Time School Attendance

RI-25-27 - Survivor Benefits for Children

RI-25-37 - Evidence to Prove Dependency of a Child

RI-30-3 - Information Necessary for a Competency Determination

RI-30-9 - Reinstatement of Disability Annuity Previously Terminated Because of Restoration to Earning Capacity

RI-37-22 - Special Tax Notice Regarding Rollovers

RI-38-47 - Information and Instructions on Your Reconsideration Rights

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1900 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20415
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Fillable RI Forms:
Non-Fillable RI Forms:

RI-38-115 - Representative Payee Survey

RI-38-123 - Alternative Annuity Election Information for Employees

RI-38-125 - Voluntary Contributions Notice

RI-38-126 - Life Events and Your Retirement and Insurance Benefits (for Annuitants)

RI-75-13 - Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Facts

RI-79-2 - Information for Retirees and Survivor Annuitants about the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

RI-83-1 - Retirement Facts 1 - Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)

RI-83-2 - Retirement Facts 2 - Military Service Credit Under CSRS

RI-83-3 - Retirement Facts 3 - Deposits and Redeposits Under CSRS

RI-83-4 - Retirement Facts 4 - Disability Retirement Under CSRS

RI-83-5 - Retirement Facts 5 - Survivor Benefits Under CSRS

RI-83-6 - Retirement Facts 6 - Early Retirement Under CSRS

RI-83-7 - Retirement Facts 7 - Computing Retirement Benefits Under CSRS

RI-83-8 - Retirement Facts 8 - Credit for Unused Sick Leave Under CSRS

RI-83-9 - Retirement Facts 9 - Refunds Under CSRS

RI-83-10 - Retirement Facts 10 - Voluntary Contributions Under CSRS

RI-83-11 - Thinking About Retirement?

RI-83-13 - Retirement Facts 11 - Information for Separating CSRS Employees Who Are Not Eligible for an Immediate Annuity

RI-83-18 - Retirement Facts 12 - Information About Reemployment for CSRS

RI-83-19 - Retirement Facts 13 - CSRS Offset Retirement

RI-83-20 - Retirement Facts 14 - Law Enforcement and Firefighter CSRS Retirement

RI-84-1 - Court-Ordered Benefits for Former Spouses

RI-84-3 - Life Events and Your Retirement and Insurance Benefits (for Employees)

RI-90-1 - FERS (An Overview of Your Benefits)

RI-90-8 - Information for FERS Annuitants

RI-90-11 - FERS Facts 1 - Information for Separating FERS Employees Who Are Not Eligible for an Immediate Annuity

RI-90-12 - Information for Survivor Annuitants Under FERS

RI-90-18 - FERS Facts 2 - Information About Reemployment for FERS Annuitants

RI-92-19A - Applying for Deferred or Postponed Retirement Under FERS

RI-98-2 - Information for Disability Annuitants (FERS)

RI-83-116 - A Handbook for Attorney’s on Court-Ordered Retirement, Health Benefits and Life Insurance Under CSRS, FERS, FEGLI, and FEHB - July, 1997

Divorce Handbook ri83-116.pdf
RI Forms - 
Retirement Forms
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